Uses For Coconut Oil-Proven uses vs. Web Rumors

Alright, everyone has jumped on the coconut oil train, including me! I love this stuff, and I am constantly getting asked if this stuff really does what the interweb says it does. (Because the web is always right! right?)


So here is a list of uses for Coconut oil. I am going to let you know if they work and are a DO or a DON’T BOTHER!


The brand above is exactly what I use, and low and behold I have even found this stuff for a decent price at Smiths/Kroger stores. Decent being under 10 bucks for a jar like the one above.


1-Eat for an energy boost-Alright, this stuff is GROSS just straight. I found that I did get an energy boost, because I quickly ran to the fridge for my Mountain Dew=DONT

2-Feed to your furry loved ones!-DO, my dog loves this stuff! I put a little in her food, or even in her rubber chew toy and she LOVES IT!-DO!

3-Make a Homemade body scrub-DUH DO! This stuff is very moisturizing. I made a brown sugar and coconut oil scrub. I will be doing a post on how to make this, it is simple and easy and is a TOTAL do!

4-Use as lotion…for everywhere!-DO! It’s the best moisturizer ever, and for my lover/husband with dry skin, this is a miracle worker. It doesn’t cause him to break out and totally soothes his HIGHLY sensitive skin. THIS IS PERFECT FOR THOSE WHO TEND TO BE ALLERGIC TO LOTIONS!

5-Mix with your popcorn-I have done this and I would put it as a DONT/DO category. Confusing much? Well to be honest this stuff doesn’t really have a taste/tastes plain and bitter, so adding it to the popcorn wasn’t bad, but if you know me, I LOVE MY BUTTER. So if you are trying to be healthy, and don’t want to take your Poppycorn, then by all means, have at it.

6-Substitue for Veggie oil when cooking=DO! This is definitely a great, healthy, and diet friendly way to cook up those eggs, veggies, or what have you. Love this! Because of the “No taste/weird taste” thing, this is perfect on veggies you are wanting to get the full taste from. It doesn’t add much to your veggies or grilled foods.

7-As a HAIR MASK=DO! THIS TOTALLY WORKS! Slather it on, leave it in for about 30mins to an Hours and voila! Lovely, smooth strands

8-Use as a “defrizzing” agent/oil=Another DO! Just a TEENY TINY amount though. This is really heavy on the hair, so too much and your hair ends up looking oily as all get out. Pretty sure using a teeny tiny amount of smoothing agents would be my advice on ANY agent you choose.

9-Use as a personal lubricant (wink) or to treat yeast infections=DO! This stuff has medicinal properties! And for the ladies, this can be a lifesaver. THIS WILL NOT FOR SURE CURE YOUR INFECTIONS, and I am not a doctor (yet) but it will definitely treat the symptoms of a yeast infection, and in my case has cured up my lady problems better than any over the counter. PS-This stuff does not go with latex.

10-Use for a homemade “vapor rub” or as we call it, the STUFFY NOSE CURE ALL! DOOOOOOOO! We mix 2 parts coconut oil with 1 part eucalyptus oil, and rub it on and PERFECTO! You have got some at home vapor rub. Plus this is great for those sensitive little ones. Sometimes that vapor rub can irritate the skin or burn the nostrils of our babies, so keep this in mind if you are tending to someone with sensitive skin.



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